Why Your Boat’s Freezer Should Be Made of Fiberglass: Marine Refrigeration Tips from Frigibar


The material, similar to the overall quality, of the products and appliances on your boat can make an impact on your vessel. For example, if you’re using a traditional mini fridge or small freezer meant for a basement or garage, the unit is unlikely to function properly in the marine environment and may rust on your boat, leaving stains and breaking down.

Frigibar uses fiberglass for its marine refrigeration systems for several specific reasons in addition to the fact that it’s completely rustproof.

Frigibar President Shuly Oletzky said the following when asked why fiberglass is the best material for marine refrigeration products, including boat and yacht refrigerators and freezers:  

“Fiberglass is a fabulous material for anything in the marine environment, including freezers. In addition to looking spectacular, you have the flexibility to match gelcoat colors if you want your freezer to match your vessel. You can make sure it looks like it was designed to be part of your boat; a thoughtful design integration of an accessory that you don’t necessarily need to have built custom because it looks already looks like a custom addition to your boat.

In addition to that, fiberglass is very easy to maintain. You don’t need any additional special products other than what you’ve already bought to maintain your boat since your boat is fiberglass (for the most part).

If there’s ever any damage that occurs to your refrigerator or freezer, unlike stainless steel which is another good marine material but is hard to repair, fiberglass can be refinished just like the surface of your boat. You can have a 15-year-old product that can be refinished to look just like it did when it was brand new.”  

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