Frigibar Featured in Superyacht Business Magazine HVAC Special Report

The February edition of the Superyacht Business Magazine featured a special HVAC report written by Terry Jones. The report covers different HVAC considerations for boat owners and crews, manufacturers, and unique products in the industry. The report, in addition to heating and air conditioning, also covers refrigeration and freezing, and features a comment from Frigibar President Shuly Oletzky.

Superyacht Business Magazine

Superyacht Business Magazine: 

“Frigibar – which specialises in auxiliary ‘on-deck units’ – told SYB: “These units may be exposed to extremely harsh marine elements, and must therefore be specially designed. In the spirit of simplicity, we build our freezers and refrigerators with limited electronics or moving parts to maximize the unit’s lifetime performance and minimize the inconvenience of a needed repair”.”

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